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About us


Houston Civil Litigation, Bankruptcy, Corporate and Probate Attorneys. 

When you need legal representation, do you want an attorney or your attorney? There is a difference. We are that difference.

Attorneys at The Neal Law Group have successfully represented nationally recognized companies, as well as medium to small businesses, families, and individuals for over thirty years.

Our attorneys are frequently hired by other law firms to handle or assist them in handling difficult litigation matters because other lawyers know that the attorneys with The Neal Law Group have “been there” and can be counted upon to deliver valuable advice and legal services. At The Neal Law Group, our goal is to deliver winning legal services in an ethical, creative, and cost-effective manner. When retained, we don’t just work for you. We commit to becoming a trusted member of your team dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

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The most fulfilling aspect of practicing law for over 30 years is the relationships that I have formed with my clients. In almost every instance, what starts out as a lawyer-client relationship concerning a specific dispute or need, grows into a long-term professional relationship coupled with a rewarding friendship. I have been blessed and honored to come to know and represent amazing clients who are difference makers in their personal lives and in their business endeavors.

From the beginning, I have emphasized representing clients in a cost conscious manner without compromising results. I have worked tirelessly to deliver high quality legal services with uncompromised integrity.

I often draw upon my undergraduate degree in finance and my business background to provide practical legal advice to my clients. When I draft agreements and documents, I want them to be fully understandable by the parties. Clients benefit from my experience as a business litigator when I negotiate, review, and draft contracts. I tell clients that if the parties can easily interpret and apply the language of the agreements they sign, the likelihood of future litigation is significantly reduced. It is my goal to never have parties to a contract have to ask a judge or jury to determine what they “meant” in a contract provision.”

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Founder and Manager-The Neal Law Group, PLLC

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